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Patriots MC

 for Serving and Ex members of HM Forces only

We are a National club and as such regularly meet and ride nationally and internationally. If you are the type of biker that prefers to ride locally with perhaps the odd long distance rally then this club is not for you. If you believe in words such as Loyalty, Integrity and Honour, and if you want the type of camaraderie and brotherhood that only those that have served can understand, then read on.

If you want to be a member of the United Kingdom's ONLY Military MC Back Patch Club then get in touch and lets see if you have the dedication and selfless commitment required for service in this club. We have a Club House and Public House in Crumlin, South Wales, (The Patriot) where we have live bands every Fri/Sat night.

Contact us at secretarypatriotsmcuk@gmail.com

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